March 21, 2018

Introduction to Web Development (Part 1)

The web is complicated

But learning it doesn't have to be. Instead of jumping into all the crazy modern stuff, let's start out with the basics.


Hyper-text markup language. The foundation of the web. Fundamentally, it's quite simple; it's just a markup language. A markup language isn't a real programming language, it just allows you to define how text appears on the screen.

For instance:

<p>Hello there</p>

Is what HTML looks like. When you 'render' the page, you don't see the <p></p> part, just the Hello there. The <p> stands for 'paragraph'; anything inside <p></p> will be rendered by the browser as a paragraph.

Let's get a little bit fancier:

  Hello there my <strong>boy</strong>

What's going on here? Well, it's very, very common, when writing HTML, to put tags on a separate line if there will be a lot of content in them. That's why we've separated them. You can see I surrounded the word 'boy' with <strong></strong>. That's just another tag; it basically means 'bold'. This text, when rendered, would look like:

Hello there my boy